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Living Skies Regional Council needs volunteers to do the work required of the region. Basically, the region has all the work and responsibilities of the former presbyteries and conference. Under the previous structure many members were doing volunteer work in both presbytery and conference work.

Please consider putting your name forward or encouraging others to put their names forward the work of the region. Often, we need encouragement from others to give us enough confidence in our ability to put our names forward.

The work of nominations is difficult without presbytery and presbytery reps who knew members in their area. Presbytery was often the starting place for volunteers in our church.

The nominations committee is looking for UC members for the following committees and commissions:

  • Regional Council Executive including a treasurer
  • Regional Council Planning Committee
  • Regional Council Property Commissions
  • Regional Council Nominations Committee
  • Committee on Communities of Faith Support
  • Committee on Lay Leadership Support
  • Committee on Ministry Personnel Support

If you are interested in any of these positions, the Structure Document describing them is on the SK Conference website on the Region 4 page. 

To put your name forward for any of these positions, please complete the Expression of Interest form which is on SK Conference website under Resources > Forms.

The links to the Structure document and Expression of interest form can be found in the April Region Ramblers.

For more information contact a member of the nominations committee:     

Miles Russell at   

Linda Gunningham at