Stephanie  Campbell
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The province recently announced changes to the Public Health Guidelines, rescinding the requirements for proof of vaccination after February 14, 2022, and the requirements for masking on February 28, 2022. This change doesn't mean that organizations or institutions cannot continue to adhere to the historical guidelines as they see fit. Organizations like the Regina Symphony Orchestra and the University of Regina continue to require proof of vaccination status, masking, and social distancing. The language that implies this brings potential legal consequences is simply not accurate. We are not a public space.  No one has a right of entry to Lakeview.  We can and have set our own course.

These announced changes are not without controversy. Public statements from members of the medical community expressed concerns about the timing and the extent of these changes. And with a lack of public disclosure of the extent of community infection and a general sense that we are now officially “on our own,” continuing vigilance (and whatever guidance we can muster) remains important to each and all of us.

Lakeview has not required proof of vaccination status at any time, on the understanding that our members and guests are trustworthy and don’t need to be asked. This does not need to change.
You have a reasonable expectation that we will pay attention to the current state of public health and make thoughtful decisions based on good and transparent evidence.
The Church Board officially meets once a month, but in fact, we often converse on a daily basis, especially over the last two years. We are capable of reasoned and reasonable decisions, made in the context of credible information.  We are guided by doing whatever is required to keep our employees, our members and adherents, our guests, and our tenants as safe as possible under the circumstances. A decision to wait and watch and to understand over the next couple of weeks to see what happens in our community is a decision that we have made as a Board.
Accordingly, and for the time being, we will continue to require all who enter Lakeview (twelve and over and otherwise eligible for vaccination) to be double vaccinated, to wear a face-covering/mask, and to maintain social distancing. We won’t provide for testing in place of vaccination or medical exemption. We continue to provide for our minister/worship leader/musical director/scripture readers to be “unmasked” when actively participating in worship services. 
This will continue to be our guide until we declare otherwise. 
I am happy to discuss any aspect of this with anyone who may be interested.  Your continued support of your Board in these complex circumstances is appreciated.

Ken Ready
Visionary Board Chair