Sue Breisch
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This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent. The six weeks leading up to Easter is a great time for reflecting on your spiritual journey. What is missing? What are you hungry for? What do you want to give up or add into your life in order to expand the way you experience your relationship with God.

If you Google Lenten Challenges you will find tons of articles, images, and suggestions like these ones:

Be curious. Give up worry, give up negative self-talk, set aside plastic, read a Psalm a day, write a letter to someone who has touched your life, fast, try a new type of prayer—the possibilities are endless. Discover a wide variety of ways to add time for God or to give up some of the distractions in your life. Which of us, if we are honest, could use a little more time in prayer, reflection, journaling, or meditation. Pick something or try something new!

If nothing else, join us Sundays for the six-week sermon series: Living Our Best Life. Let’s take the Lenten journey together and see where we end up.