Sue Breisch
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The past couple weeks in our Sunday service I have been exploring the concept of transformational faith, which flows out of the very heart of what we believe and touches every aspect of our lives. Transformational faith gives us a foundation to stand on, direction when we are feeling lost, and comfort in times of grief. Transformational faith is faith that is attended to, nurtured, and gives deeper meaning and purpose to our lives.

We attend to our faith by pausing to look at it. We ask the hard questions: What do I believe? Is there a God? What do I think God is up to? Why am I here? Why do bad things happen? What kind of person do I want to be? Every single person has a faith that directs their life. Some have faith in science, some have faith in God, some have faith in their own ability to reason … but each of us has a faith. This faith guides the decisions we make, how we deal with hard times, and what kind of impact we have on the world. As a church we are talking about transformational faith based on Christian principles—so we are talking about God. But each and every one of us has to ask the questions and be willing to look at the answers: Who is God? How do you understand God? How have you experienced God? Because we can’t get transformation based on what someone else believes—we can only benefit from doing our own work.

We nurture our faith by exploring what scripture, other spiritual resources, and our faith history have to say about the big questions. This is not for the faint of heart—transformation requires change and many of us don’t like change. But to have more meaning and purpose we need to be willing to face and live these questions. There are no simple answers, nor are we about cookie cutter faith. Transformational faith requires that each person does the soul-searching and exploration for themselves beginning from their own centre and allowing the journey to unfold. As members of the Lakeview Church Community we nurture our faith by gathering together for worship, for prayer, and for study. We seek a safe place to hold the questions instead of someone who wants to tell us what to believe. We hold each other up as each one of us explore with curiosity and anticipation what we might learn about ourselves, our faith, and our place
in the world in which we live. We seek to grow our faith, to know our faith, and to express our faith authentically every day.

A faith that has been looked at, attended to, valued, and grown very naturally begins to flow out into how we live our lives. We see ourselves differently—as children of a loving God who is with us all the time. We see others differently— as our brothers and sisters in this human family. When life challenges us we see it differently, we learn to respond thoughtfully and from our core, and it means we meet life head on with a new capacity to be who we are in the world. We find deeper peace and contentment and the ability to really make a difference in the world in which we live. We find a life beyond our wildest imaginations—our life, the one we are called to live. We have seven more weeks to explore the basic principles of growing a transformation faith based on Christian principles. Come explore with us. You will be glad you did!

—Rev. Sue