Sue Breisch
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"Seeking God Opens Doors In Us" is the message on the sign at Lakeview this week. This message is invitation, encouragement, and challenge.

Seeking God is an invitation to explore what you believe, have been taught, and struggle with in terms of the Christian story. Who is God to you? Who is God to others? What is up with Jesus? It is an opportunity to delve more deeply into the wonder of who Jesus is; of his life, death, and resurrection. What aspects of those stories are hard for you? What ones give you solace?  Seeking God isn’t about one person handing you a blueprint for what you should believe, it is a chance to poke around in your own heart and see what is meaningful to you and why.

We can be encouraged to ask all kinds of questions as we seek God—even the really hard ones like "why does God let bad things happen?"  There are no boundaries. The only qualifier, in my opinion, is that we acknowledge that God is a loving God. The Bible shows us a God who is present, active, loving, and irrepressibly delighted in humanity despite our faults. That is the Good News of the gospel.  God isn’t lost – but waits with delighted expectation for us to jump in or go deeper with our faith journey. Seeking God opens the door to a new or fuller experience of God—it can get us out of our heads and into our hearts as we move forward toward Easter. Faith is meant to be dynamic, responsive, and wonderful—to encourage us in hard times, delight us with life’s blessings, and help us see everything in our lives through a new set of eyes. There is more, always more, to learn and discover.  Faith is meant to be a great adventure one step at a time.

The challenge is to let go of our old ways of understanding God—well at least the ones that don’t work. Any understanding of God that leaves you with shame or feeling like you don’t matter needs to be looked at closely. Any idea of God that celebrates one type of people and looks down at others could be up for renegotiation. We are challenged to see new ways that our faith can be deeper, richer, and more meaningful. Who are the people we impact most?  How can those relationships at home, work, school, or anywhere be more loving, respectful, and productive? Who is our neighbor and how are we called to make a difference?  The Visionary Board at Lakeview has made a commitment to ask, at every meeting, “how are we making a difference in people’s lives?”  It’s a good question to ask as a community of faith, but it is also a great question to ask ourselves regularly.  

Join us this month as we explore some practical insights to seeking God.  Bring your faith as it is, it is serving you well, and then let the journey continue as you grow more deeply into the person you truly are.  It is an opportunity not to be missed.  

—Rev. Sue