Sue Breisch
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Summer is upon us, well, almost. The weather finally warmed up and we are watching the world around us explode with new life! Here in Regina, we love spring and summer. People get busy in their yards, trying to tame or direct that wild growth of foliage and grass.  Others get busy outside cycling, walking, running, or just sitting in the sunshine enjoying a reprieve from what was a very long drawn out winter season. Cottages are opened up, motorhomes and campers are cleaned out and equipped, vacation plans are finalized, and even day trips become inviting opportunities to enjoy the world around us. It is a time to explore and renew our love of nature, our connection to living things, and the reminder it gives us of God’s continual presence through the rhythm of our lives just as God is present through the turn of the seasons.

Our faith history is full of God’s invitations made to individuals but offered across the centuries to us, right where we are.  We find in the Bible many stories of people who God reached out to in one way or another and we are challenged (or invited) to imagine what invitation God is offering us through our circumstances today.

Over the next 12 Sundays, we will be exploring some of God’s invitations through stories from the Bible.  Bible stories show us that God calls us to many things. This spring/summer we will see that God invites us to:

* Believe in God even when the way forward is not clear.
* See God at work in and blessing other people and nations.
* Claim the promise that God will be with us even when we have made poor choices in our lives.
* Put in our request to God, no matter how far-fetched or outlandish it is.
* Be curious about Jesus and what he was up to in his life.
* Challenge ourselves to make things right instead of just saying “I’m sorry.”
* Realize that we can NOT love God if we don’t’ love our neighbours – no matter how hard that might be.
* Let ourselves be changed by the stories we encounter.
* Wonder how we might carry our awareness of God into EVERY area of our lives.
* Consider the Hebrew practice of Jubilee and imagine giving ourselves and others that same sort of freedom today.
* Look beyond the extraordinary events of Pentecost to see how the Holy Spirit is working in the world and in our lives today.
* Approach the table of God knowing we are welcome and we are worthy because God declares us so!

These Invitations all come embedded in Bible stories with a variety of characters (some more characters than others) who we will encounter week by week. I hope you can join us for one or more of these Bible adventures.

Summer is busy. Most people get away and take time for rest and relaxation. Remember that the church remains open and we look forward to your presence in worship throughout the beautiful days of summer.