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Please note that the scope of Sunday's meeting has changed and that the Search Committee will also be recommending a candidate for your approval. The Board will then meet on Monday and officially approve the candidate and then the Pastoral Relations Committee of the Living Skies Regional Council meets next Thursday for the final approval from that level and we are done. There will be no need for another congregational meeting later in the month as originally contemplated. 

Please make it a point to attend this important meeting either in person at the church or via Zoom.

For those joining via Zoom, there is a waiting room so please be patient while you are being admitted. There will be a few minutes after the service while everything is set up for the meeting but you can try to sign in any time from 11:30 AM on. We expect the meeting to commence around 11:45 AM.

Topic: Lakeview UC Special Congregational Meeting
Time: Oct 31, 2021 11:30 AM Saskatchewan

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The Board has called for a special congregational meeting to be held immediately after the worship service on Sunday, October 31. The purpose of the meeting is to approve resolutions to enter into an Ecumenical Shared Ministry (ESM) and a Collaborative Ministry with the Yellow Grass United-Lutheran congregation. The search committee has a candidate in mind from another Christian denomination but before we can enter into an agreement with the person, Lakeview and the Yellow Grass congregation both need to approve the resolutions. The Yellow Grass congregation is holding a special congregational meeting on the same Sunday for the same purpose.

Ecumenical Shared Ministries are fairly new and reflect a general shortage of ministry personnel and/or a lack of a critical mass of members to maintain a church building and pay for ministry leadership. The latter is more common in rural settings where congregations of two or more denominations may come together. For details of Ecumenical Shared Ministries, please refer to the following link:

The process of calling the candidate we have identified needs to be accomplished in two stages. The first is for both congregations to approve in principle the concepts of ESM and collaborative ministries. Please see the Collaborative Ministry Agreement and the Draft Memorandum of Understanding for more detail on what is being contemplated. If the resolutions are approved, we will forward the documents to the Pastoral Relations Committee of Living Skies Regional Council for approval and subsequently to the Council itself later in November. A similar process will happen on the Lutheran side. Subject to all the approvals, there will be a need for a second special congregational meeting probably around the end of November to recommend a specific person for our ministry position.

The resolutions you will be asked to consider on October 31 are as follows:

Upon these premises, and upon motion duly made it was resolved:


That the Congregation of Lakeview United Church move forward with the Proposed Ecumenical Shared Ministry and Shared Ministry Agreement with Yellow Grass United Church Lutheran Partnership and in so doing authorize the Search Committee to undertake such additional steps and documents and necessary undertakings, for the purposes of the approval of the Proposal and Agreements before each of the Living Skies Regional Council of the United Church of Canada, and the Saskatchewan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada.

Moved by

Seconded by


That upon the approval of a form of Proposal and Agreements contemplated in a Ecumenical Shared Ministry and Shared Ministry Agreement with Yellow Grass United Lutheran Partnership, by Living Skies Regional Council of the United Church of Canada and the Saskatchewan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada, that the Chair call for a special meeting of the Lakeview Congregation to report and to seek the further approval of the Congregation on those matters necessary and as may be required to give effect to the recommendation of the Search Committee in these circumstances.

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We hope to see you at the meeting!

The LUC Board