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Confirmation Classes

We have some interest in confirmation classes—an opportunity for young people 13 - 20 to grow in their faith, develop spiritual discipline, and learn more about the United Church of Canada in preparation to become... Read More

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Why I Believe Books Sold Out!

The first lot of books has sold out! How exciting that we are all going to be studying this book together for the next 40 days?! If you asked for a copy and didn't get one, or if you want a copy, sign up on the... Read More

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Words From Sue: Seeking God

"Seeking God Opens Doors In Us" is the message on the sign at Lakeview this week. This message is invitation, encouragement, and challenge. Seeking God is an invitation to explore what you believe, have been taught,... Read More

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Why I Believe

This daily devotional for Lent features United Church of Canada members sharing their understanding and experience of God and their faith journey. The books are $13 and will be available next week. Feel free to... Read More

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Family Devotions for Lent

If you and your family are interested in sharing some meaningful sacred time during the six weeks of Lent then this is for you. We have rights to share a PDF (or to print you a copy if you need that) of the... Read More

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Faith Explorations Return!

Tuesday Morning Faith Explorations will resume on January 16 at 9:30 AM in the MacDonald room where we will continue our sing and study of Christmas and Epiphany hymns! You are welcome, we look forward to seeing... Read More

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Inspired Living

The difference between living a life inspired by the teachings and person of Jesus and a life run on your own best resources is like the difference between High-Speed Fiber Op internet and dial-up. You would NEVER... Read More

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Words From Sue: Carry the Star

Christmas is an interesting time of year. Somehow the Christmas story in one version or another seems to bring down barriers. Many faiths and religions have a light bringing celebration in December: Hannukah,... Read More

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Sunday School Hiatus

Sunday school will be taking a break from December 24 to January 7. It will resume on January 14. Read More

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Mitten Tree

The “mitten tree” has been put up in the Narthex (Welcome Centre) and await your beautiful mittens which, at Christmas time, will be given to the children and youth in the inner city schools. They are always much... Read More