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We welcome the opportunity to receive children and adults into the United Church of Canada through the Sacrament of Baptism. A symbolic act, baptism enables us to acknowledge and celebrate the beginning of spiritual life within the family of God.

Arrangements for baptism may be made by contacting Lakeview's office (306-586-7844) or by email.

Sacrament of Baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism is held within the regular Sunday worship service in the presence of the Lakeview United Church congregation. Candidates for baptism are brought to the Baptismal Font at the front of the Worship Centre. The sponsors (usually a parent or parents) of children being baptized respond to questions of faith and promise to provide an environment in which their children's belief in God will be nurtured. Adult candidates respond to the questions of faith on their own behalf. Members of the congregation also make a commitment to offer spiritual guidance and support to the newly baptized within the caring Christian community of Lakeview United Church.

Each candidate is baptised with water and blessed. A candle is lit and presented to each baptized individual. The newly baptized are then presented to the congregation.

For adults, baptism and confirmation take place together. Through their baptism and profession of faith, adults are received as full members of the Lakeview United Church congregation.

All who are baptized receive a Baptismal Certificate.

Family and Friends

Family members and friends of those being baptised are very welcome to attend the Sacrament of Baptism and then stay for the remainder of the worship service. It is our tradition at Lakeview United Church to have refreshments following baptism services. Those who are newly baptised, their family, and friends are very welcome to join members of the congregation for this joyful time of celebration and visiting.

Baptism Fee

There is no fee for baptism.

Continued Care and Support

We are pleased to welcome newly baptised children and adults into the faith community of Lakeview United Church. To honour our Congregational commitment, we offer spiritual nurturing and support to children through the inclusion of a children's time during Sunday worship services and by providing an infant and toddler nursery, Sunday School classes, mid-week groups and choirs.

We lend spiritual support to baptized adults through our library of resources and a range of programs and groups, including adult choirs, a gospel band, United Church Women groups (UCW) and a men's group (Crosstown AOTS).