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Once again, Lakeview United Church is adopting 12 families identified to be in need by the North Central Family Centre (NCFC). NCFC works with inner-city children, youth, and their families. Their vision seeks to “empower youth, families, and the community” by delivering a wide range of proven, successful structured programs. The centre is committed to revitalizing the community to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Our task is twofold: purchase and wrap gifts for the children and purchase and deliver food for a Christmas dinner.

In the Welcome Centre you will find easels with wreath cut-outs that identify the food requirements for the 12 families. No sign-in sheets are necessary for these donations. Please take a wreath and purchase the items listed — bring them, unwrapped, to the church by Sunday, December 19.

There are also angel cut-outs representing each child and a suggested gift. When you choose an angel, please complete the list located next to the easels so we can track them and ensure that no child is missed. To be equitable, please purchase a $30 gift for each child — two individuals or families may combine resources to buy an item equivalent to this amount. If you can't find the requested item, please feel free to substitute another gift you think is appropriate.

Please return your gift wrapped with the angel attached to the church auditorium by Sunday, December 19. We will be delivering the hampers on December 19. If you can help, please contact Kathy White. 

Cash Donations

We also will accept financial donations to purchase perishable items (for example, turkey, ham, vegetables, fruit, and milk). Our Finance team will issue you an income tax receipt. Please make the cheque payable to Lakeview United Church Christmas Hampers.

Income Tax Receipts

The NCFC will issue income tax receipts for your purchases for gifts of $25 or more. Name, address, invoice, email, contact number are needed for each tax receipt. Be sure to keep the receipts for the purchases made as we will need a copy. Please submit your original receipts to Kathy White by Friday, December 29, so she can deliver them to the NCFC by year-end.