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Last week, Carla Blakley celebrated 27 years as an ordained minister.  We are extremely grateful to have a dedicated worship leader for our congregation at Lakeview United Church.

The following is an excerpt from an article about Carla and Brent Blakley published in "Neighbours of Albert St. South", a magazine serving residents of the South Albert Park, Albert Park, Parliament Place and Whitmore Park. Written by Tony Playter.

The Blakleys: Enhancing a Community Through Inclusion

Carla just recently celebrated twenty-seven years of ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. She is currently undertaking a very unique partnership call and is serving Lakeview United Church as a Lutheran Pastor and Yellow Grass United Lutheran Partnership.

"Rather than working within one denomination, we are expanding our view to look out into the community," said Carla. "Working within communities, we strive to create a hub for inclusion and wellness, reconcilliation, and deconstructing past theologies that upheld homophobia, transphobia and white privilege."

"It is very refreshing work," added Carla.

In addition, Carla is known for outstanding work in grief counselling and feels very privileged to hold space and walk with families during difficult times.

Believing deeply in an inclusive community doesn't stop with work as Carla and Brent are also avid allies for the 2SLGBTGIA+ community in our workplaces and in our community.


Congratulations, Carla!