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Tri Church Summer Shared Services

It is an intentional gathered community of three United churches over the summer months. They are Sunset, Wesley and Lakeview United Church. Shared services over the summer months will give us to chance to experience different worship styles and allow our staff to have a break.

The summer is divided into three sections (starting June to 19th– September 4th) and each church hosts 4 services. The other churches are invited to participate in worship; however they might be delivered. The services are done online and in person. 

The schedule has been announced and is posted below. More information will be provided in the future for each church on how service will be delivered. 

Worship dates & locations

  • June 19–July 10 Sunset United Church (177 Sunset Dr)
  • July 17–Aug. 7 Lakeview United Church (3200 McCallum Ave.)
  • Aug.14-Sept. 4 Wesley United Church (3913 Hillsdale St)

All worship services begin at 10:30 am in person and online.