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For the last four years, three United Churches in the south end of Regina (Whitmore Park, Wesley, and Sunset) have pooled their resources to worship together through the summer months. With the closure of Whitmore Park last fall, the three church partnership was short one congregation. As a result, they reached out to us and asked if we would like to participate. The Visionary Board, on behalf of the congregation unanimously, immediately, and enthusiastically said "Yes!"

This June, July, and August our three partner churches will each take a turn hosting the other two for worship. This will allow for much bigger gatherings during the summertime, while people are away. We hope you will join us for this new and exciting experience!


Worship dates and locations:

Lakeview United Church: June 16 - July 7

Wesley United Church (3913 Hillsdale Street): July 14 - August 4

Sunset United Church (177 Sunset Drive): August 11 - September 1

All worship services begin at 10:30 a.m.


*Regular services will resume at Lakeview on September 8.