Spiritual Journey

Whether you are just exploring your faith, what God means to you, aren't sure you believe, or have a faith that has carried you through a lifetime of experiences - YOU BELONG.  Each one of us has the opportunity to grow deeper and more authentically into the spiritual being we are called to be.  We do this through spiritual discipline, guidance, and small groups.
  • Bible Encounter: Tuesday Mornings at 9:30 we gather to explore and experience the Bible and other resources for spiritual growth together in a comfortable, welcoming, and enthusiastic circle of faith.  All are welcome.
  • Pastoral Counselling: If you are wondering about spirituality, curious as to how you might fit in at Lakeview, or wanting to grow deeper in your connection with God Rev. Sue is always available to meet with you, listen, and offer resources and guidance to help you on your path.
  • Spiritual Nurture Groups: As interest arises we create opportunities to meet in small groups, explore topics of interest, consider ways to serve the community, and connect more deeply with our church family.  Do you have a book or topic you are interested to explore?  Contact Sue and lets get something organized!