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Queer Connections YQR


QC-YQR is a safe haven for high school age youth; a place to come and be yourself and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a non-judgmental and accepting environment. 

The club hosts gatherings on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at Lakeview United Church Hall, 3200 McCallum Ave from 7-9pm. Lakeview is an all-inclusive welcoming church!

All allied and queer youth are welcome! Some nights are casual hang outs and other nights will focus on a specific activity or speaker. We also have a well-stocked queer lending library! 

To find out what’s happening you can join our discord or reach out to any of the core group leaders. There is no cost to attend but there is an expectation that everyone will be kind, courteous and respectful of one another at all times. 

If you’d like to attend but don’t have transportation we will help to secure rides if you let us know a few days ahead of time.

Our first meet-up will be on Friday, October 13th! There will be a casual coffeehouse theme with introductions from the core leaders and a few crafting stations with origami, uno, bag tags and puzzles and of course coffee and other drinks and snacks! 


Our first highly anticipated event will be a “Halloween Dance” on Friday, November 3rd. You’re right, it’s just after Halloween but it’s a Friday and it’s happening


Please reach out for more information!

We hope you’ll feel welcome and come check it out!


Maxwell Baiton-

Valentine Buckland- 306-541-4405

Breelin Gilzean-

Dio Hanlon-

Brian Morrow-  or 778-347-9083

Corinne Pirot-  or 306-529-7338