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So you’ve gotten engaged?  Congratulations!

Here at Lakeview, we are uniquely positioned to help you walk through all of the planning and preparation so you may have the wedding of your dreams!  The perfect wedding involves working with a minister to devise and plan an entire event that is the most real and authentic expression of who you are as a couple.  Together we will explore what your love means to you both, how to best express that, and why you are stepping forward to make this incredible, wonderful commitment to each other.  As your guests leave the wedding on your big day, we want them to say “that service was SO them.” We want to help you create an event that your friends and family will be talking about it for a long time.

The United Church celebrates the marriage of:

all people seeking a meaningful start to their marriage
same-sex couples
previously divorced people
couples of different religions

Our Worship Centre, with its long aisle and contemporary stained glass windows, provides a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony.

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The death of a loved one is a very difficult time.  Lakeview United church would like to walk with you through those early days of grief.  We can support you as you plan a service to celebrate the life and times of the person you are grieving.  Following the death of a loved one, please contact the church as soon as possible at 306 586 7844.  Voice mail at the church will give you someone to contact after hours.

When you are able, a minister will meet with you in your home, in the home of a family member, or at the church. We will work together to plan a service that is a warm and authentic expression of the life you celebrate.

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We welcome the opportunity to receive children and adults into the United Church of Canada through the Sacrament of Baptism. A symbolic act, baptism enables us to acknowledge and celebrate your spiritual journey which happens within the family of God. Arrangements for baptism may be made by contacting the church office 306.586.7844. 

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Confirmation is offered to individuals who are ready to publicly acknowledge their intention to practice the faith into which they were baptized. The decision as to when to make the commitment of confirmation is personal. Generally, candidates for confirmation range in age from 14 years to adult. We welcome the opportunity to receive young people and adults into full membership of the United Church of Canada and the Lakeview United Church family. Through the symbolic act of confirmation, participants affirm their baptismal vows and promise to continue to develop in their faith.

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*Photos by Kelsey Dawn Photography and Carey Shaw Photography