How to donate:

  • When physical worship services are possible again, you can request offering envelopes or just put cash in the plate. Offering envelopes make it possible for us to issue you a tax receipt.

  • Mail or drop off cheque(s) (address 3200 McCallum Ave. S4S 0R8). There is a mail slot on the right-hand door at the gym entrance for drop offs. Mark your envelope "Attn: Doug Keam"

  • Sign up for PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance). If you wish to try this, you need to submit an authorization form along with a VOID cheque to the church before the 10th of the month for debits to commence once monthly on the 20th of that month. There is a modest fee of $0.50 each month for direct debit which we absorb but you get full credit for your donation. It is also possible to be on PAR using your credit card but the fee to us is of the order of 2.5% of your donation. More information, along with the authorization form can be found here.

  • Electronic or e-transfers are new to us but work very well. All you need to do is to add Lakeview United Church as an e-transfer recipient if you have online banking using our e-mail address The e-mail address is the critical thing that links your e-transfer to our BMO bank account. We receive the full amount of your donation! If you have a banking package, then there is probably no expense to you either. I would recommend that you make one donation each month equivalent to your weekly donation whenever it is convenient and you have the funds available or it can be a recurring donation each month.

  • Canada Helps is another option that some folks find convenient. For a single donation, Canada Helps charges a fee of 4% of your donation. If this is your only option, then we are happy to receive your donation but as indicated above there are better options that give the church either all of your donations or have smaller fees.

Canada Helps will issue you an income tax receipt directly if you use its services. For all other donation methods except anonymous cash donations, we will issue you an official income tax receipt for the current year early in the following calendar year.

Thank you for your donation!