Stephanie  Campbell
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It is the time of year again when the spirit of Christmas is with us. Even with the strain of a pandemic, the needs of the less fortunate still exist, and we have again received a request from the Salvation Army (SA) to adopt families through their Christmas Hamper project. There is a major change this year initiated by the SA where adopters are asked to still purchase gifts for the children but are requested to purchase gift cards for food. This means that no food items will be included in the hampers.

Given the concerns of the pandemic, the LUC Angel Committee is seeking your input on taking on this project once again, or perhaps our congregation would prefer to contribute a monetary donation toward the SA campaign for this year? Monetary donations could be sent to and accepted by LUC, either by mail or dropped in the mail slot at the church. Donations would be made out to LUC but clearly earmarked for the SA Christmas Hamper Program. Donors would receive income tax receipts from LUC. When the deadline is reached (December 11, 2020), LUC will write a cheque for the SA for the total amount received in donations.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. Please advise us by Sunday, November 29 as to how we should proceed by emailing


Kathy, Lily, and Mary Ann