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Merry Christmas!

Years ago, our favourite family creche was a fabric one my Mom made. The kids loved to play with this set.  They played with it.  I would find baby Jesus in the Barbie house, nestled in Barbie’s arms.   Mary would be riding in the jeep with GI Joe and the sheep frequented the Fisher Price farm, hanging with the cows and chickens.  One of my kids asked very early in the year for me to get the “activity” set out so they could play with baby Jesus. I loved that my kids called this Nativity set the “activity” set.  After all it was active. Baby Jesus did not stay on sweet display in the confines of his cloth manger with the golden yarn hay.   He went out, visited the Weebles, He was under the Big Comfy couch with the dust bunnies, He even showed up outside in the snow.  One year He went missing for the entire year…only to be found in the crease of the couch the following year. 

So, little baby Jesus was with us in the couch, for a year. We thought He was lost…missing. I even asked my Mom about the possibility of sewing us a new Jesus.    

Upon reflection, that little baby Jesus was tucked away in the midst of our lives that entire year. He was there for the birthday parties, the sad conversations, the meltdowns, the temper tantrums, the laughter, the snuggles and all of life that year.  He was there - we couldn’t see him - but He was there. 

And now, we come to the birth of the Christ Child this week – born into a world in strife. Born to bring hope and love. 

God, born as a small babe in an insignificant manger, to an unwed teenage Mom. 

We are promised that this God, who took on human life, is always with us.  A hope-filled message once again. So needed. 

One tradition I would like to share with you is to keep out one Christmas ornament when you pack up the Christmas decorations. Leave this Christmas ornament in visible sight, as a reminder of Jesus’s constant presence in your life - at your birthday parties, sad conversations, meltdowns, temper tantrums, the laughter, the snuggles and all of the next year. It is the promise we have that God was born into our lives, into our hearts, and to bring hope. 

Many blessing this Christmas as we once again welcome the Christ Child into our homes and hearts. 

Brent and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you many blessing this Christmas. Brent and I have two of our four children in Regina for Christmas, the other two from Ottawa and Australia arrive in January. Brent and I will be travelling to Brent’s brother and partner’s home in Indiana for New Years. Pastor Cheryl Toth is on call if you should need any emergency care (306-591-5924).

A reminder that there are no in-person services on Sunday, December 25th or on Sunday, January 1. Pastor Cheryl will be with you on January 8th for the Celebration of Epiphany, the arrival of the Wise Men. I will be with Yellow Grass that day and will look forward to seeing you once again on January 15th…or anytime for coffee. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Much love,

Pastor Carla