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When I thought I could not be a pastor, I decided on my next passion, which was interior design. I applied to Mount Royal University and was accepted to study design.  When I ended up in Indonesia and then seminary, my focus changed but my passion for design stayed, so I studied liturgical design. Every season of the church tells a story. Each season has music, lyrics, colours, themes and Scripture verses that correspond to the season. When you put them all together, it is magic and it tells the story.

I love to tell the story through all the senses, what you see, what you hear through both word and song and what you can touch!

So welcome to LENT and to the wilderness of Lent this year.  Theologically, Lent invites us to reflect. Historically you are invited to give up something for Lent, this was to symbolize Jesus’ sacrifice. Today we ask you to add something.

More compassion, more love, more kindness, more understanding, more generosity.

More importantly to get in TUNE with God. So this Lent, through music and through visuals, you are invited to the wilderness.

The baptismal font is dry and it has sand in it. The colour is purple. The wilderness has a path, so the music is reflective and more somber.  There will be an opportunity to sit in silence.  There will be an opportunity to be reflective. You will hear the heartbeat of God.  There are no flowers visible in Lent; it is wilderness.

In life, we all have been in the wilderness, a time where we are alone, perhaps afraid, wondering, sometimes wondering about God.   It is these wilderness times that God draws very close. Where we can distinctly and profoundly know God.

So I invite you to the Wilderness of Lent, to get in tune with God. Some highlights……

There is a Community wall of Prayer – a chalk board at the front – PLEASE write the names of people you are praying for, situations of concern and I will use these are our prayers during LENT.

Lent 2 (February 25) – Get in tune with God through Music and guest Musician Valerie Hall.  Special Hymn sing with explanation of the Lenten music, lyrics and music genres. Come and sing your heart out!

Lent 6 (March 24) – Palm Sunday. Get in tune with the Heartbeat of God with Mike Pelzer and Drumming. Powerful day!

Welcome to Lent, welcome to wilderness.