Stephanie  Campbell
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We have ahead of us a period when we will be deciding when and how to reopen the church for live in-person Sunday services. At this point we anticipate that to happen sometime in the Fall. Tri Church was introduced in the summer of 2018 to bring together the congregations of three United Churches (Lakeview, Sunset, and Wesley) over the summer months when attendance numbers are lower.

This year's Tri-Church services will begin on June 21 with the first four services being offered by Tricia from Sunset United. Lakeview will host from July 19 through to August 9 and Wesley will close the summer months with services from Aug 16 through to September. In our most recent conversations regarding the Tri-Church services, the three ministers all agreed that we would offer our services virtually. For more information, or to access the services, please sign up here for our newsletter.