How to donate:

Offering Envelopes – if you plan to attend worship on a semi-regular basis, this is a traditional option. Just contact the church office 306-586-7844 and request a box of 2022 envelopes and use the date appropriate envelopes for the remainder of the year. You can designate what portion of your weekly offering goes to the local church and what goes to the United Church Mission & Service Fund.

PAR – Pre-Authorized Remittance – This involves a monthly debit on the 20th of each month from your bank account or credit card. Again you can designate how you wish to allocate your offering between the local church and M&S. For debits, the church is charged 50 cents per transaction but for credit cards, the transaction price can range to over 2% of your offering or a minimal fee depending on what type of card you have. The church receives your donation less the transaction fee. To sign up for PAR, there are PAR authorization forms on the table immediately outside the central doors of the Worship Centre or can be found here. You will need to get your completed form and a cheque marked VOID or credit card # back to the church before Nov. 10 in order for the first debit to take place on Nov. 20.

e-transfers – If you have a banking package at your bank, you can make an e-transfer to at no additional cost to you or the church. If you don’t have a banking package, there is usually a transactional cost to you. Over the past couple of years, we are receiving many more contributions via this method using on-line banking. Just make sure that in the notes part of the transaction you specify that it is a donation and provide us with your mailing address so you can receive a tax receipt.

Canada Helps – We receive a few contributions each year through Canada Helps but again there is a significant transaction fee. You do receive an immediate tax receipt but the church does not receive the full value of your contribution.

Cheques – Are always welcome. If you use personalized cheques, they should contain your mailing address so we can offer you a tax receipt. Otherwise, please submit your cheque in an envelope with your mailing address on the envelope.

Thank you for your donation!