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Dear Lakeview Friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my election as Bishop of the Eastern Synod!  Trust me, no one is more surprised than I am that this transpired! 

In the Lutheran church we have Five Synods: B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northern Ontario and the Eastern Synod, which is Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

I went to Seminary in the Eastern Synod, and two of our children were born there. The current Eastern Synodical Bishop has been in place for 26 years and chose to retire in 2024.  I received a phone call in December 2023 and asked if I could be nominated, and I said no. I was called again by another pastor and they asked if they could talk to me about why they would like to nominate me.  It is a privilege and honour to be nominated. They said that I had the skills and abilities to manage the transition following a 26-year Bishop.  I agreed that I would be nominated.

Fast forward six months and I trusted the process of discernment. 

I was not going to attend the Synod Convention, but hearing from a youth that they liked the way I talked about God, love and the Church, they asked if I would come. I went and on the 5th ballot was elected Bishop. It is an honour and a privilege to be called to work in the leadership of the Church. God works in amazing ways!

However, it is now a process of saying goodbye to the beautiful community of Lakeview, to my city of Regina and my family and friends. I will have to move to Kitchener. I understand grief - it is loss and while this is an incredible opportunity, there is loss and I am feeling it. 

I ask for your prayers as Brent and I and my family manage this transition. 

I will hold you all in my heart, always! 

You are a special, beautiful community!

I am here until the end of September, so we have lots of time.  The Vision Board has plans for interim ministry until you find a new pastor to walk with you!

Blessings and love!!