Stephanie  Campbell
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"We are not alone, we live in God's world." These words, from the new creed of the United Church of Canada, are a sure and steady source of comfort for me right now. We are praying, and listening to scientists. But most of all, we are remembering that, in the midst of whatever feelings we are having, the promise remains that we are not alone. Thanks be to God!

* * *

This has been a difficult and tumultuous time for everyone in Saskatchewan, Canada, and around the world. The information we receive has been evolving very rapidly, keeping us on our toes as we try to decide the next best action to take. 

Following yesterday's state of emergency announcement in Saskatchewan, we've decided to close Lakeview United — all rentals or groups in the building are canceled until further notice. Coming to the church for Sunday service may no longer be an option, but we are working on alternatives! Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for alternate worship opportunities as well as information on our study groups, and continuous encouragement! We are not alone!

If anyone is in isolation and needs groceries, prescriptions, or other deliveries please contact the church — our phone number will still be active and someone will be checking messages. We have a healthy volunteer who has offered to do deliveries for those who need them. 

We will resume normal operations as soon as safely and reasonably possible.

Stay safe, stay well!  


Rev. Sue, the Visionary Board, and Operation Team of Lakeview United Church, Regina