Stephanie  Campbell
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In June and July, Lakeview volunteers worked together to prepare 580 lunches (20 per day for 29 days) that were delivered to Carmicheal Outreach. Following the success of this project, we've been approached to consider undertaking a project for seniors by the New Horizons for Seniors program, a federal program meant to enhance the lives of seniors.

Lily Tingley submitted a proposal to the New Horizons for Seniors on behalf of our church to supply lunches to seniors in our community and it was approved! We've received $22,045 to run the project from September to the end of March 2021. Lily was joined by Ina Hanley, Penny Penniston, Marilyn Gill, and Joyce Allen who organized the work to involve other members of the congregation and the Lakeview Community Association in purchasing ingredients and preparing and delivering the lunches.

Currently, 154 lunches are prepared each week and delivered daily from Tuesday to Friday. The lunches go to a variety of institutions: Psimokamik Elders Lodge, Gabriel Manor, Regina Treaty and Status Indian Service, Waterston House, Chili for Children Mamaweyatitan Center, North Central Family Center, Indigenous Christian Fellowship, and several private homes.

If you would like to help with baking, preparing lunches, or driving, please contact Lily Tingley at 306.584.2504 or